Now Shipping: The Slipper and the Rose DVD Edition

The Slipper and the Rose DVD edition

The most beloved version of Cinderella is now available on DVD

Magnificent 2013 restoration! 

In Euphrania, live two unhappy people: a sad young girl called Cinderella and a proud young prince – trapped in two very different worlds.

Following the death of her father, poor Cinderella has been left in the care of her unfriendly stepmother and two spoilt stepsisters. Meanwhile, the prince of the land has come of age and the King and Queen want him to marry. His desperate parents hold a splendid ball and invite every noble girl in the land.

Cinderella is shunned by her ugly sisters, when they leave her behind and flounce off to the Great Ball in all their finery. Fortunately her Fairy Godmother intervenes, transforming Cinderella and whisks her off to the ball–and so the love story blossoms in this exquisite, uplifting masterpiece.

Directed by Bryan Forbes, the film stars Gemma Craven as the heroine, Richard Chamberlain as the Prince, and a supporting cast led by Michael Hordern, Kenneth More, Edith Evans and Annette Crosbie. Academy Award nominated songs are written by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman, who also shared scripting duties with Forbes and, reportedly, the film’s executive producer, broadcaster David Frost.

COLOR • 143 Minutes • 1976 • Not Rated


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