The Puppetoon Movie DVD edition

Limited Edition 2-Disc Set

Academy Award winning genius George Pal created a series of stop motion animated shorts in the 1930s and 1940s which he labeled “Puppetoons. Brilliant even by today’s standards, they need to be seen to be believed. In 1987, Arnold Leibovit, working with Mrs. George Pal, created a loving compilation of these shorts framed by opening and closing segments featuring Gumby, Pokey, and Arnie the Dinosaur. Puppetoons featured are John Henry and the Inky Poo, Tubby the Tuba, Jasper in a Jam, Together in the Weather, Tulips Shall Grow, and others.

Disc 1 contains The Puppetoon Movie and The Great Rupert, featuring a Puppetoon squirrel and starring Jimmy Durante. The Puppetoon Movie is presented in Dolby 4.0 surround sound, Dolby 2.0 stereo, and contains an audio commentary by director Arnold Leibovit and animation historian Jerry Beck.

Disc 2 contains:

7 Restored Paramount Puppetoons:
– And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street (Dr. Seuss)
– The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins (Dr Seuss)
– The Sky Princess
– Rhapsody In Wood (Woody Herman)
– Date With Duke (Duke Ellington)
– Jasper and the Beanstalk (featuring a vocal by Peggy Lee)
– Rhythm in the Ranks

and 12 more bonus Puppetoons:
– What Ho, She Bumps
Mr. Strauss Takes a Walk
Olio for Jasper
Philips Cavalcade
Jasper’s Derby
Hoola Boola
Ether Symphony
Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
The Magic Atlas
Jasper and the Haunted House
The Philips Broadcast of 1938
The Ship of the Ether

Full-color and B/W • Over 300 Minutes on 2 Discs • 1947 (2013 restoration) • Not Rated